• Small businesses create more jobs, boost our local economy and grow our communities. By changing a few purchasing habits, we can all help strengthen the communities we live in.
On October 15th—International Credit Union Day—Assiniboine Credit Union will join with our global credit union family to celebrate our co-operative history and achievements, as well as the impactful role we play in our communities today.

International Credit Union Day

Credit Unions around the world make a difference in their communities. On October 20, 2016 we celebrated International Credit Union Day together. It was a small group of weavers in Rochdale, England that created the first modern co-op, it was a small group of German innovations that created the first credit union in 1852, it was Alphonse […]

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Get the most from your Assiniboine Credit Union MasterCard

How to Get the Most from Your Credit Card Benefits

When used properly, credit cards can save you time and money, while providing attractive rewards that increase with your spending. And making required payments can improve your credit rating. For people who grew up in a “save first” culture, or for those that have experienced challenges with using too much credit in the past, credit […]

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What is MoneyFit?

Make making a plan manageable. Assiniboine Credit Union offers free MoneyFit assessments, advice and ongoing support in our branches. Just what does it mean to be MoneyFit? That’s a great question. Sometimes money can be a source of stress and discomfort. For many people, finances are a very personal and not something to talk about […]

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